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Hello! Happy December 2022! !

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MN DI is proud to offer DI’s flagship STEAM program, the world’s premier creative competition, now called the Challenge Experience. We welcome all learners from any community to join the MN DI Challenge Experience! There are so many ways kids can extend learning beyond the classroom, while they exercise their curiosity, creativity, confidence, and build skills with our DI Challenges. Team Numbers and background checks are available to purchase, and Challenges and support materials can be downloaded now for anyone who has purchased a Team Number. Head on over to the What We Do tab to read more!

Safety remains a top priority. We will monitor COVID as the season progresses, and will incorporate safety protocols as we deem prudent.  We will be incorporating some creative virtual training opportunities, and introducing some innovative interactive experiences during the season, and are making plans to accommodate whatever comes our way. We will be holding in person tournaments in March 2023.

More details about the season will be posted regularly. Check our Calendar often – we will be adding interactive virtual workshops, trainings and communications that will keep the fun going throughout the season.

What’s new for 2022-23?
~ Challenges are LIVE as of September 1! Purchase your Team Number and Background Check, and get your team going! 

~ Anyone can start a team/program.  You do not have to be affiliated with a school district to participate. While school districts are common program facilitators, youth groups, Boys & Girls Clubs, after-school programs, homeschool groups, 4-H, or even independent groups can form DI teams and participate in the Challenge  experience!  If  you have at least two team members and an adult Team Managar, you can have a DI team!

~ ALL Team Managers must get a background check. Please do this as soon as you know that you have a team number assigned to you.  The cost of a background check through DI has been lowered to $25! There is a waiver for schools that run background checks on their volunteers. Please follow this link for background check information. Interested in a volume discount for Team Numbers? Buy 10 or more Team Numbers and save.

~ MN DI Regions have been renamed and consolidated, and we will host a tournament in each of our three Regions. MN teams should register for one tournament according to their geographic location. Each tournament will be a qualifier for advancement to Globals 23. Head over to the Tournament Info tab for details.

~ MN DI is looking for trainers and mentors! We are seeking companies or individuals interested in offering specific training to our DI students. Skills training: can you host a workshop to teach hands-on skills – wiring a circuit, working with wood, sewing, theater skills? DI training: have you been involved with DI? Would you like to help with Instant Challenge training or Team Manager training? Please contact us!

~ See our monthly newsletters here.

~ New Team Manager and Team trainings have been added! Check out the Calendar tab!

~ Check out our new Awesome People/Awesome Places page! We would love to hear about what our teams are doing, and will add your stories.

The MN DI team is eager to share the new season! Check this website frequently for information as the season progresses. Don’t be shy about contacting us with questions about how to get started!

Pamela, MN DI Affiliate Director; 763-550-7212

Lynn Montgomery, MN DI Co-Affiliate Director; 612-670-8281

Questions about MN DI? Please contact Pamela Schroeder

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