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May 21-24, 2023 • Kansas City, MO

Global Finals is the culminating Challenge Experience tournament for DI teams that advance through their Regional and Affiliate Tournaments around the world.

Cost: The registration fee for Globals 2023 is $5,500 per team. The deposit to secure a team’s registraton is $2,000, due by April 12, 2023.

Registration: Registration for Globals will open on March 1, 2023. Teams that qualify at tournaments in their Affiliates are guaranteed a spot.

Waitlist: Beginning January 15, all teams will be able to sign up for the Global waitlist. The waitlist is intended to allow teams to declare their interest in attending Global Finals even if they do not qualify through tournaments in their Affiliate. Waitlist teams are not guaranteed a spot at Global Finals until they receive an invitation from DI HQ.

Waitlist teams will receive an invitation based on availability. A team’s Challenge and level will be contributing factors to when/if they receive an invitation.

There are contingency plans in place in the event that COVID continues to affect gathering in public. Final decisions on how Globals 2023 proceeds will be made by DI HQ by January 15, 2023.

Details will be added to