Welcome to the 2019-2020 season!


See announcement 3/16/2020 here.


See announcement 3/15/2020 here.

The MN DI Affiliate Tournament is permanently canceled. Please read the announcement for details.


See announcement 3/11/2020 here.

This was posted on our social media platforms, is also on our website’s Regions page, and was emailed directly to all MN DI Affiliate participants.

Details will be coming regarding possible rescheduling in April, and options to advance to Global Finals.

If you have already paid for your Affiliate Tournament registration, we will process refunds if we do not reschedule the tournament in April. If we have invoiced you, don’t send a check or PO yet.

Additional information on Covid-19 and its potential impact on Minnesota is available at the following links:

Thank you for your good wishes, and your patience as we process the development of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

Please reach out to Pamela Schroeder, Affiliate Director, with questions at pfschroeder@district287.org.

You can purchase a team number here.

We welcome all learners, from any community to join the MN DI experience, and are excited to see teams performing at our tournaments!  Check here frequently for information about each of our tournaments as the season progresses. Don’t be shy about contacting any of us with questions about your team or your Challenge.

Register here for the Affiliate Tournament. Registrations should be submitted ASAP following your Regional Tournament, and no later than 3:00 PM on Monday, March 9, 2020.

Register here for your Regional Tournament. Once your team has chosen a Challenge, go ahead and register for your Regional Tournament. Registrations are due no later than January 10. We will begin scheduling on January 15, so don’t be late!

Regional Tournament Assignments and Fees can be found on this chart. Homeschool teams, faith community teams and private school teams are assigned to the region that corresponds with their local public schools. Call Pamela with questions at 763-550-7212.

See below for the list of 2020 MN DI Tournament Dates.

Training and workshop registration forms appear under the 2019-2020 Season tab, Trainings and Workshops.

Tournament Volunteers: We ask that each team provide a tournament volunteer to ensure that the tournaments run smoothly, and to promote a sense of ownership and community. Tournament assignments are usually 2-3 hours. We greatly appreciate our volunteers, and do not schedule them to work during their team’s Team Challenge performance. Volunteers can be anyone, but typically are not the Team Manager.

NEW in 2020! Volunteer assignments will be sent directly to Team Managers several days before the tournament. It will be up to the Team Manager and team to provide a volunteer during your appointed volunteer time slot. Volunteers should report to Volunteer Registration at the tournament and provide their team number to be checked in.

Teams who do not provide a volunteer will receive a 10 point deduction from their Team Challenge scores.

Glossary of DI Terms
Your guide to DI’isms is here!

Tournament Documents You Will Need! Updated as the season progresses.

Please note that MN tournament sites do NOT allow latex or dry ice. We also have a strict weapons policy, which you can read below. If you have questions about items, please email Pamela or your Regional Director.

MN DI Specific Tournament Policies: Weapons, Dry Ice.Latex and Helium Balloons

All Team Managers and tournament volunteers must sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct annually, and bring to their tournament. The Youth Protection Policy referenced in the Code of Conduct is here.

Tournament Travel Guide for Teams The Tournament Guide tells you what to expect at your team’s tournament. Inside this guide, you will find information that includes what will happen at your Presentation Site and tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience.

MN DI Tournament Documents for all teams

Hey Rising Stars Team Managers!

Just in case you missed it… Rockets & Launchers will be inspected in the prep area before your team performs. Please warn your team that they will not be allowed to launch any rocket that could potentially cause damage to the performance site (a classroom) or its contents.

We never want to upset teams just before their performance! Teams that know there is a chance a rocket will not be approved for launch will handle it better. Before the tournament, give them a chance to think of other ways to launch their rockets more safely. They could bring safer alternative rockets and/or launchers just in case.
Sue & Lisa
Rising Stars!: Blast Off! Tournament Guide is here!
In The Cards Tournament Info
In the Cards teams:  just a friendly reminder that your team will not receive their bridge back after the performance. The appraisers wil keep the bridges at each tournament. So, if your team is really attached to that bridge, make sure you take some lovely pictures capturing the essence os said bridge before the tournament begins!
This was a change put into place last year at the Affiliate level, but has been in place for years at the Global level (some Affiliates were following the Globals recall of the structure earlier as well). 

The reason is two-fold. First is for inspection of the materials used and compliance with the challenge guidelines. When we, as appraisers, check the teams in for weigh-in, we cannot touch the structure for any reason. After it has been tested, the structure is recalled and we can take a closer look at materials. Some years, there are dozens of legal materials a team can use. It’s hard for us to see the material at weigh-in and it might be necessary for us to break a post or alter the structure to see all of the materials, after it is tested. Darla’s teams did structure for ten years and if the structure didn’t break, the appraisers would break it to look at the materials after the performance. 

The second reason is more about the Challenge itself and encouraging teams to innovate and iterate on their solutions. The bridge is a big part of the challenge and we encourage teams to build and test a bunch to engage with the Challenge. That exploration of new solutions is meant to be encouraged by this procedure as well.

In short –
What we keep:  the bridge and materials the team added to it when they performed (extra cards and tape)
What you keep: your storage container and the weights you use for your load tests.

Denny, Darla and Becky

Regional Team Roster/Media Release Form  required, please print, fill out and bring to your tournament. There is a separate form for the both the Regional and Affiliate (State) tournaments. They are not the same!
Affiliate Team Roster/Media Release Form required for all teams advancing to the Affiliate tournament. Please print, fill out and bring to the tournament.
Presentation Summary optional
Teams will also need name tags at their tournaments required
For TMs to Share: Tournament Details With Parents useful!
Tournament Tips & Tricks useful!
Team Photo is not required

Master List Documents Required by DI, Inc.
All DI paperwork requirements are at the top of the first page of each Challenge’s Tournament Data Form. Tournament Data Forms are the last pages of each Challenge.
***Note: DI interactive Tournament Data Forms do not print well!
Expense Report (don’t forget your receipts!)

Declaration of Independence2 copies
Tournament Data Form: 6 copies **
~The Big Fix, Technical Tournament Data Form
~First Encounter, Scientific Tournament Data Form
~Picture This, Fine Arts Tournament Data Form
~To The Rescue, Improvisational Tournament Data Form
~In The Cards, Engineering Tournament Data Form
~It’s About Time, Service Learning Tournament Data Form
~Blast Off!, Early Learning Starry Showcase Form 
Clarification bring 1 copy of any team Clarification(s) 
Team Sign required by DI, but not scored; see Rules of the Road for details
Volunteer Code of Conduct 2020 This references the DI Youth Protection  Policy. You can also see the Youth Protection Information for Parents here.

The DI forms can also be found by logging in to your account at www.destinationimagination.org. Look under Challenges, then Tournament Data Forms. The Declaration of Independence and Expense Form are also there. All forms are interactive.

Tournament Data Forms can also be found at the end of each printed Challenge. The Declaration of Independence and Expense Form are in the Rules of the Road.

Schedule and Location of Tournaments: See the Regions page for specifics of each tournament, posted close to tournament time!

2/15 East Metro Tournament, Harding High School, St. Paul

2/22 West Metro and Southwest Metro Tournaments, Maple Grove Senior High School, Maple Grove

2/29 Great Lakes Regional Tournament, Proctor High School, Proctor

3/7 North Metro Tournament, Coon Rapids Middle and High Schools, Coon Rapids

3/7 Lakes and Prairie Regional Tournament, Horizon East Middle School, Moorhead

3/21 Affiliate (State) Tournament, Blaine High School, Blaine CANCELED TO COMPLY WITH BEST PRACTICES TO CONTAIN COVID-19

4/2 Global Team Manager Meeting, 4:30-7 PM, District Service Center ISD 287, 1820 Xenium Lane N, Plymouth, Third Floor, Room 318 CANCELED TO COMPLY WITH BEST PRACTICES TO CONTAIN COVID-19


Tournament Results: Links to tournament results will be posted below as the season progresses. Results will also appear in Regions.

*East Metro Regional Tournament tournament results are here.

*Southwest Metro Regional Tournament tournament results are here.
*West Metro Regional Tournament tournament results are here.
Congratulations to everyone who participated! We will be mailing scores that were not picked up. If you are missing ribbons, please Pamela know.

*Great Lakes Regional Tournament regional tournament results are here.

North Metro Regional Tournament

Lakes and Prairie Regional Tournament

Affiliate Tournament

Tournament Conflict Question: My team has a conflict on our tournament date! What can we do? Contact Pamela Schroeder at pfschroeder@district287.org, explain your challenge, and we will try to move you to a different tournament. This option is ONLY for unresolvable schedule challenges.

In case of inclement weather: We always plan to hold our scheduled tournaments as it is difficult to reschedule them. In the event of storms, please contact Pamela Schroeder at 763-550-7212 to hear a message about any cancellations or changes. Our first priority is safety! If you don’t feel able to make it to a tournament in the event of dangerous weather conditions, contact Pamela.