Welcome, MN DI teams!

We are excited to welcome all learners, from any community to join the MN DI experience, and are eager to see teams in person at our 2023-2024 events!  Check our site frequently for information as the season progresses. Don’t be shy about contacting any of us with questions about your team or your Challenge.

Safety will continue to be a priority, and all measures to safeguard our DI participants will be taken.

Check the Calender page for interactive virtual workshops, trainings and communications that will keep the fun going throughout the season. These are designed to help team managers and teams be tournament ready! Dates will be added throughout the season.

Our Affiliate Tournament is for ALL MN DI teams, including our Rising Stars. Registration will open December 15, 2023 and will close January 22, 2024.

Read below for tournament dates, registration and volunteer info, what to do if you need to change tournaments, how to find tournament results, tournament tips and tricks, and what you will need to bring to your tournament.

We are excited to see your Challenge solutions!

Pamela, MN DI Affiliate Director
pfschroeder@district287.org; 763-550-7212

Lynn Montgomery, MN DI Co Affiliate Director
lmmont@aol.com; 612-670-8281


5/22-25 Global Finals Kansas City, MO
~ Teams are guaranteed a spot at Global Finals by competing and ranking at our Affiliate Tournament.
~ All teams can join the Global Finals Waitlist on January 15. The Waitlist is intended to allow teams to declare their interest in attending Global Finals even if they do not qualify through the Affiliate Tournament. If space allows, waitlisted teams will be invited on a first-come/first-served basis.

3/2 MN DI Affiliate Tournament – Coon Rapids Middle School, 11600 Raven St NW, Coon Rapids, MN
~ For all teams. Details about the event will be available in January.

Tournament Results – Congratulations teams! We think you are all winners! See results

2/3 Creativity Carnival! Jackson Middle School, 6000 109th Ave N, Champlin, MN
~ For all teams, this will take the place of our regional tournaments. Meet your Challenge Masters and appraisers, learn more about the Affiliate Tournament, enjoy skills workshops, practice Instant Challenges, play games, and feel ready and excited for the Affiliate Tournament!
~ No prep for the Creativity Carnival! Just come and enjoy!
~ Team Managers, there will be workshops for you too!
~ Cost for Affiliate Tournament and Creativity Carnival is $195. Payment will be made through Register Your Team, beginning on December 15.


~ Please note that MN tournament sites do NOT allow latex or dry ice, or helium balloons. We also have a strict weapons policy. Read our polices on weapons, dry ice, latex and helium balloons here. If you have questions about items, please email Pamela or your Regional Director.

~ All Team Managers and tournament volunteers must sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct annually in tbe Resources Area. The Youth Protection Policy referenced in the Code of Conduct is here.


Tournament Registration: All teams will register for the Creativity Carnival and the Affiliate Tournament at ryt.destinationimagination.org beginning December 15, 2023. Step by step directions on how to register are here, and are also in the DI Resource Area. You can also access registration through the Tournament Registration tab on your DI Resource Area Dashboard. Registration will require email addresses for each team member or their legal guardian, and the name of a tournament volunteer who will help for a short time during the tournament. We will be hosting a Zoom session on how to register on Wednesday, January 17 . Tournament registration is due by January 22, 2024

Tournament Volunteers: When we have an in person tournament, we ask each team to provide a tournament volunteer to help so that the tournaments run smoothly, and to promote a sense of ownership and community. Tournament assignments are usually 2-3 hours. We greatly appreciate our volunteers, and do not schedule them to work during their team’s Team Challenge performance. Volunteers can be anyone, but typically are not the Team Manager.

The tournament registration form will ask for the name and contact details for a team volunteer.

Volunteer assignments will be sent directly to Team Managers several days before the tournament. It will be up to the Team Manager and team to provide a volunteer during your appointed volunteer time slot. Volunteers should report to Volunteer Registration at the tournament and provide their team number to be checked in.

Tournament Conflict Question: My team has a conflict on our tournament date! What can we do? Contact Pamela Schroeder at pfschroeder@district287.org to choose a different tournament.

In case of inclement weather: We always plan to hold our scheduled tournaments as it is difficult to reschedule them. Storms are a type of instant challenge! In the event of bad weather, please contact Pamela Schroeder at 763-550-7212 to hear a message about any cancellations or changes. Our first priority is safety! If you don’t feel able to make it to a tournament in the event of dangerous weather conditions, contact Pamela.


Tournament Documents You Will Need: The first and most important form is the Tournament Data Form. All DI paperwork requirements are listed on the first page of each Challenge’s Tournament Data Form. All tournament paperwork should be filled out in the Resources Area, 

~ MN DI will use Mobile Scoring in 2024. Team Managers need to fill out all the tournament forms online. Step by step directions are posted in the DI Resources Area! 

~ Go to www.destinationimagination.org and log in to your DI account. Once you have started your tournament registration form, you will see a Tournament Forms bar* on your Resources Area Dashboard. Go to My Tournaments. Choose tdf (Tournament Data Form), exp (Expense Report), tc and ic prep (Team Challenge and Instant Challenge checklists). You must fill out all the forms. Print a copy for yourselves!

~ Not required, but helpful for the appraisers:

  • Team Photo You can upload this in the online Tournament Data Form.
  • Presentation Summary If you wish to include a script or description of what will happen in your Team Challenge performance, you can enter it online as prompted.

*Tournament Data Forms can be found at the end of each printed Challenge. The Declaration of Independence and Expense Form are in the Resources Area, My Tournaments, and are visible once you have begun your tournament registration.

~ Please bring printed copies of your forms to the tournament in case of any power outage or tech glitch AND the team sign and name tags for each team member.

Please bring these with you to the tournament:
Clarification bring 1 copy of any team Clarification(s)
Team Sign required by DI, but not scored; see Rules of the Road for details
Name Tags required for each team member. These are not scored.


For TMs to Share: Tournament Details With Parents useful! give your supporters the info on how to find your team.

Tournament Tips & Tricks useful!

Tournament Travel Guide for Teams (available in DI Resources Area under Challenge Materials)  The Tournament Guide tells you what to expect at your team’s tournament. Inside this guide, you will find information that includes what will happen at your Presentation Site and tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience. It also has an excellent tutorial on how to register for your tournament, and how to fill out the required forms!

Tournament Results: