First Practice of the 2019-2020 Season! Brainstorming the Scientific Challenge!
Horizon East 8th Graders-Moorhead, Planet 51

Welcome, congratulations and thank you!

We’re so glad you are part of MN DI! Whether you are a new or returning Team Manager, we want you to have a fun and rewarding experience!

We are deeply appreciative of your dedication to and support of our DI teams. MN DI cannot function without you. You are facilitating an experience for team members that they will remember throughout their lives. DI’ers find their voices in the experience of solving DI Challenges, and a place to exercise them together and at our tournaments. You are helping them to build lifelong skills in creative problem solving, self-expression, self-advocacy, teamwork, time and budget management, and the process of innovation.  They will rely on these skills for the rest of their educational experience, and will be more confident, capable and successful in all they do.

Plus, it is a wonderful thing to share both the time with these kids, and the Ah Ha! moments of discovery during their creative journey to solving their Challenges.

Whew! You are all that!

Thank you all for your support of MN DI!
Pamela Schroeder
Affiliate Director

Purchase a Team Number

  1. Establish a DI account here.
  2. Use your DI identity to purchase a Team Number in the Store. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email from DI with your team number(s). This will be a five digit number with the prefix 123-, which is the unique prefix for MN DI.

I have my Team Number  – What’s Next?

Access your team number(s)

  1. Use your DI, Inc. account username and password to access the DI Resources Area database  which houses all the season’s materials. ( – Resources) When you first access your DI account, you will be asked to accept the Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  2. Choose My Team from the menu at the top of the page. Read through the Challenges and support materials in the Resources Area. You can download these onto your computer, and share them with your team members, or print them. You can also order printed materials here.

Read and accept the Youth Protection Policy
Please review our detailed Youth Protection Policy info here. Share the Information for Parents with your team parents, and have a team safety meeting early in the season.

Click here to download the DI Youth Protection Policies and Procedures.
Click here to download the DI Youth Protection Information for Parents.

Certify that you have passed a recent background check!
Background checks
In order to provide the highest level of safe after school activities for our participants, MN DI requires all team managers to have background checks.

There are several ways in which Team Managers can complete a background check. All notifications should be sent to Pamela.

  1. Managers who are teachers or other school employees may submit a scan or photo of their teacher license number and their current district ID to Pamela.
  2. Managers who are not school employees who volunteer with a school DI program or community education program should check with their school office and follow their volunteer procedures. Most often schools require their volunteers to have background checks. We do not need a copy of the report, but rather an official notification on letterhead from the school signed by an administrator that a background check has been passed and is on file.
  3. Managers who are volunteering with other sponsoring organizations should provide notification from that organization that a background check has been passed and is on file.
  4. Anyone who attended Global Finals in May 2019 has already passed a background check. Please forward that notification to Pamela.
  5. If none of these options are suitable, you may use Sterling Volunteers through this link. Use Good Deed Code yi0csey (that is a zero, not an “0”). There is a non-refundable fee of $28.

All of the methods outlined above are confidential, and your personal information does not reside with MN DI. We will only have an indication if you have been cleared or not cleared. If a team manager is not cleared to work with students that volunteer has the right to have his/her case reviewed by the agency providing the background check. Your Regional Director will be notified that your team cannot compete in the regional competition unless a new team manager is provided and has cleared a background check.

Set up your first team meeting
You’ve purchased your DI Team Number, downloaded the Challenge materials from the Resource Area, and set your first meeting for next weekend. Congratulations! You are officially a Team Manager.

Attach yourself as the Team Manager of Record in your team account in the Resources Area
By now, your team has most likely read through all of the exciting Challenges of the 2019-20 season. If you’ve chosen your Challenge, you may have even started working on its solution already! Each year, our Challenge Writers work hard to make sure they develop fun and engaging academic Challenges for all of our participants and knowing which Challenge your team is participating in this season helps us identify the most popular Challenges, as well as better gauge the number of teams that are competing worldwide.

We need you to take a few minutes to enter your team’s information, including your Team Name, Team Challenge, and Challenge Level, in our Resource Area. You will also be asked for your Region. That information is on the chart on our Tournament Info tab.

If this is your first time accessing the Resource Area, this portal will allow you to download documents, such as practice Instant Challenges, as well as ask Team Clarifications. So please go ahead and dig around while you’re in there!

How to enter your team’s information:

  1. If you don’t have a DI account, create one now by going to: and entering your information.
  2. Once you have an account, go to the Resource Area here:
  3. Make sure to view and accept the code of conduct!
  4. Highlight the Teams tab and then select My Teams.
  5. Click on Add Team, and then enter either the Team Number and order number (this information will come from the person who purchased the team number) OR the Team Number and the postal code.
  6. If you have multiple teams, repeat Step 5 to claim all of your teams.
  7. Click on the pencil icon to the left of your Team Number and then add/edit your organization name, team name, and the Challenge/Level your team will be participating in this season. Remember, you can change the Challenge if your team decides to make a switch from their original plan. However, once you’ve competed in your first tournament, you cannot change your Challenge.

Important: Because the DI tournament scoring program is tied to the information you provide, please make sure everything is accurate!

Read through the MN DI website
Keep up with the news throughout the season!! Updates, the DI Blog, training and workshop information, weather updates, tournament dates, sites and schedules, and more will keep you in the know!

Team Manager Resources

DI Resources

Roadmap: Roadmap is a Team Manager resource developed to assist you in guiding your team members as they design and execute a Challenge solution. Section three (Guiding Your Team) explains the roles you will fill as a Team Manager, gives examples of how to begin solving a Challenge, introduces project management, and provides example meeting agendas. Section three will also point you to other resources available in Roadmap.

Rules of the Road (RotR): The Rules of the Road document contains all of the rules, procedures, and some of the forms required to participate in a Team Challenge at a tournament. Regardless of the Team Challenge a team has selected, it is very important for the team members to review Rules of the Road to learn the details of the DI Challenge Experience, to prepare for tournaments, and to make sure the Team Challenge solution complies with rules and procedures outlined.

Important to know from the RotR! For example, you need to know that all team members must wear shoes… (p. ), there are safety guidelines each team is responsible for knowing (p. ), and you can find instructions on how to fill out your Expense Report (p. )…

DI Online Learning: DI, Inc. offers an online learning system with courses to help you as you guide your team through the DI season. The system is available to all Team Managers who have registered themselves as the Team Manager in the Resource Area. This Learning Management System is hosted by Adobe Captivate Prime.

Newly registered Team Managers will be added to the DI Learning Management System weekly. Team Managers will receive an invitation email from Krs Beisel inviting them to set up an account. These emails often land in spam or junk folders, so be sure to look for them.

The LMS contains a series of interactive videos and courses that treat specific roles (Team Manager, Appraiser, etc.) and issues that face Team Managers and Teams (How to be a Team Manager, Interference, etc.). The Team Manager courses have been updated with new information, activities and videos. The following courses are available now:

  • Getting Started as a Team Manager
  • Rules of the Road
  • Understanding Interference
  • Roles of a Team Manager (a series of short webinars)
  • What Happens at a Tournament: Tournament Procedure Videos
    • Engineering Challenge – In the Cards
    • Improvisational Challenge – To the Rescue
    • Technical Challenge – The Big Fix
    • Fine Arts Challenge – Picture This
    • Scientific Challenge – First Encounter
    • Service Learning Challenge – It’s About Time
    • Keeping DI Team Members Safe
    • Challenge-Specific Training for each Team Challenge
    • Six Steps to Critical Thinking (a professional development webinar for educators)

Challenge Master and Appraiser courses will be added in November and December.

MNDI Resources
Check out the MN DI Resources page on the website! We are always adding to this.

Contact your MN Affiliate Challenge Master with questions about the Challenge!

Remember to check for ClarificationsOnce a Clarification is published, it becomes part of the rules of the Challenge. The team can ask for its own, too.

Social Media:
MN DI Facebook page
MN DI Facebook page for Team Managers
MN DI Facebook page of Lakes & Prairie Region
MN DI Pinterest
MN DI Twitter
MN DI LinkedIn

Local Trainings and Workshops
Be sure to keep checking for new additions.

Reach out to Pamela! (Also see Contacts)

My Team is Solving Their Challenge, What’s Next?

Register for Your Regional Tournament by Friday, January 10, 2020! The link is here. Pricing is listed on the form. Be sure to print a copy before you submit, as the details are erased once you submit the form. Please note that you will have to certify that you have passed a background check.

Be Aware! MN DI Specific Tournament Policies: Weapons, Dry Ice, LaClitex and Helium Balloons. Please adhere to these policies!

No Interference!
Click here
for an Interference Oath to share with Team Managers and Parents

Remember to practice Instant  Challenge!

Be Ready for Your Regional Tournament!
PaperworkCheck out the Tournament Information tab under 2019-2020 Season for paperwork requirements, MN DI policies at tournaments, and everything you need to know to be ready to perform!

Arrange for your team Volunteer! Each team is asked to provide a volunteer to help for one 2-3 hour shift during their tournament. Tournament volunteers are so important to us! More information on volunteer jobs can be found here. Volunteer information will be emailed to each Team Manager to be shared with their designated volunteer. That person should check in at the Volunteer Registration table at their regional tournament 10 minutes before their shift begins.

Tournament information will be sent to team managers and coordinators approximately one week before your tournament. You will receive your performance times for both the Central and Instant Challenges, directions to the tournament site, information about the day and the site, and more. This info will also be posted on our website on the Regions page, under each Region.

Remember to share the details of your performance times and sites with team parents and supporters! You can use this form!

Your Tournament Day

Time to celebrate your team’s awesome creative journey! Read the Tournament Travel Guide for Teams, posted in January 2020 for details on what happens at tournaments. Info also in the Rules of the Road.

Your tournament packet, emailed a week before your tournaments, will give you all the details about what you will need and the process to register onsite.

In addition to your team’s performances, enjoy cheering on other teams, activities, sales, food, and the Award Ceremony celebration.

Rising Stars! teams will perform both a Team and Instant Challenge at different times. (Parents are allowed to accompany the teams into their Instant Challenges.) Teams will not receive scores, but will receive a Starry Showcase Form with comments from their appraisers. They will receive recommendation of their creative journey following their Team Challenge performance. Rising Stars! teams are welcome at the Awards Ceremony, but are not required to attend.

Competitive teams will also perform both their Team and Instant Challenge at different times. About 45 minutes following a team’s Team Challenge performance, they can return to their presentation site to pick up their Team Scores and Sticky Notes. Following the Awards Ceremony, all teams can pick up their final scores and rankings from the Challenge Masters.

Have fun!!!