Global Finals: May  in Kansas City, MO


See announcement here.

MN DI will be offering ways for MN DI teams to share their solutions, memories, pre-recorded videos and aha! moments through our MN DI Team Managers Facebook page. Send your mementos to Amy Nylander at to post on our page!

Get A Sneak Peek At Global Finals 2020

The Global Finals 2020 website has officially launched and DI is excited to be back in Kansas City, Missouri for next year’s event! Check it out here!

In addition to the international tournament, Global Finals 2020 will include a wide range of festivities designed to foster individual growth, collaboration and cultural exchange.

All Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts and Service Learning teams will have their own 8ft x 8ft Prop Storage booth space to display and work on their props, as well as meet with other teams from around the globe. There will also be several Prop Storage Garages for teams that need additional space to work on props, as well as a designated practice space for every Team Challenge.

DI has partnered with Kansas City Young Audiences, a local arts education non-profit agency, to bring the best artists and workshop programming to Global Finals 2020 and there will be more than 200 classes available! All workshops will be free for students ages 5-22 to attend and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis on-site at the event. A complete list of workshops, including days and times, will be posted in April.

Over the coming weeks, the Global Finals site will be updated with additional information on registration, housing blocks, new events, discounts on travel and KC attractions, and more, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, get a sneak peek at Global Finals 2020 at the bottom of this page.

How Does My Team Get an Invitation to Global Finals?

Teams will be advanced from the MN DI Affiliate (State) Tournament. We will invite the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams from each Level in each Challenge to represent MN DI at Global Finals 2020. 4th place teams will be Global Alternate teams, and will be invited to advance if any of the 1st-3rd place teams decline their invitation.

Teams may elect to be entered into the Global Finals Lottery by indicating their interest on the MN DI Affiliate Tournament registration form.

  1. Minnesota may submit to the lottery a maximum of 3 team(s) per Challenge per competition level.
  2. In order to continue the tradition of the merit-based nature of Global Finals participation, each team nominated for the lottery must meet ONE or more of the following requirements.
    • 1 – The team is the next-ranked team in a Challenge and competition level, based on your Affiliate Tournament, and is not already advancing to Global Finals.
    • 2 – The team has placed first in either Central Challenge, Team Choice Elements OR Instant Challenge, but is NOT already advancing to Global Finals.
    • 3 – The team has received a Renaissance, DaVinci, Spirit of DI, and/or Torchbearer Award and is NOT already advancing to Global Finals.
  3. Starting Wednesday, April 8, 2019, DIHQ will begin sending lottery invitations.
  4. Teams have 48 hours to accept their spot, or it will be forfeited.
  5. No lottery teams will be invited after Friday,  April 24.
  6. All teams must meet the Global Finals registration and deposit deadline of May 1, 2020.
  7. DIHQ will invite as many lottery teams as can be accommodated. Submitting a team to the lottery does not guarantee an invitation to Global Finals.

All teams will receive information about Global Finals at the Affiliate Tournament. We will host a meeting for Team Managers, including Lottery Team Managers, to discuss all the Globals details on April 2 at our offices in Plymouth, beginning at 4:30 PM.

All teams will be required to register and pay their deposit by May 1, 2020.

MN DI is closely watching developments, as is DII. See their 3/3/2020 statement regarding Global Finals here.  We will be in close contact as the May 1st draws near. Email Pamela with questions at