The 2019-2020 season will officially begin on September 1!  You can purchase a team number beginning August 1, 2019 here.

We welcome all learners, from any community to join the MN DI experience, and are excited to see teams performing at our tournaments!  Check here frequently for information about each of our tournaments as the season progresses. Don’t be shy about contacting any of us with questions about your team or your Challenge.

Training and workshop registrations will be posted shortly. Regional tournament registration forms will be posted in December 2019.

Advancement to Global Finals: MN DI can send 1st,  2nd and 3rd place finishers, along with ties, to Global Finals. Instead of Wild Cards, there is a Lottery system this year. We will nominate two additional teams per Level per Challenge, based on merit. If your team is next-ranked (the designated Globals Finals Alternate), placed first in the Team Challenge, Team Choice Elements or Instant Challenge, or won an Award, the team could be entered into the Lottery, and will receive a confirmation of this at the Affiliate Tournament Awards Ceremony.

Lottery teams will be selected randomly at DI Headquarters beginning April 15 and notified by email that they are invited to attend Global Finals. Invited teams will have 48 hours to respond. Selections will continue until April 22. Lottery teams will also have to register for Global Finals and make their $500 deposit by May 1.

Travel Guide for Teams will be posted in January 2020.

Tournament Documents You Will Need! Updated as the season progresses.

Please note that MN tournament sites do NOT allow latex or dry ice. We also have a strict weapons policy, which you can read below. If you have questions about items, please email Pamela or your Regional Director.

MN DI Specific Tournament Policies: Weapons, Dry Ice.Latex and Helium Balloons

All Team Managers and tournament volunteers must sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct annually, and bring to their tournament.

MN DI Documents
Team Roster/Media Release Form  required
Presentation Summary optional
Teams will also need name tags at their tournaments required
For TMs to Share: Tournament Details With Parents useful!
Tournament Tips & Tricks useful!
Team Photo is not required

Documents Required by DI, Inc.
Master List of Required Forms
Expense Form (don’t forget your receipts!)

Declaration of Independence2 copies
Tournament Data Form: 6 copies
~The Big Fix, Technical Tournament Data Form
~First Encounter, Scientific Tournament Data Form
~Picture This, Fine Arts Tournament Data Form
~To The Rescue, Improvisational Tournament Data Form
~In The Cards, Engineering Tournament Data Form
~It’s About Time, Service Learning Tournament Data Form
~Blast Off!, Early Learning Starry Showcase Form
Clarification bring 1 copy of any team Clarification(s) 
Team Sign required by DI, but not scored; see Rules of the Road for details

The DI forms can also be found by logging in to your account at Look under Challenges, then Tournament Data Forms. The Declaration of Independence and Expense Form are also there. All forms are interactive.

Tournament Data Forms can also be found at the end of each Challenge. The Declaration of Independence and Expense Form are in the Rules of the Road.

Schedule and Location of Tournaments:

2/15 East Metro Tournament, Harding High School, St. Paul

2/23 West Metro, Southwest Metro Tournaments, Maple Grove Senior High School, Maple Grove

2/29 Great Lakes Regional Tournament, Proctor High School, Proctor

3/7 North Metro Tournament, Coon Rapids Middle and High Schools, Coon Rapids

3/7 Lakes and Prairie Regional Tournament, Horizon East Middle School, Moorhead

3/21 Affiliate (State) Tournament, Blaine High School, Blaine

4/3 Global Team Manager Meeting, 4:30-7 PM, District Service Center ISD 287, 1820 Xenium Lane N, Plymouth, Third Floor, Room 318

5/2020 Global Finals, Kansas City, MO Dates to be determined

TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Links to tournament results will be posted below as the season progresses. Results will also appear in Regions.

East Metro Regional Tournament 

Southwest Metro Regional Tournament 

West Metro Regional Tournament 

North Metro Regional Tournament 

Great Lakes Regional Tournament

Lakes and Prairie Regional Tournament

Affiliate Tournament

Tournament Conflict Question: My team has a conflict on our tournament date! What can we do? Contact Pamela Schroeder at, explain your challenge, and we will try to move you to a different tournament. This option is ONLY for unresolvable schedule challenges.

In case of inclement weather: We always plan to hold our scheduled tournaments as it is difficult to reschedule them. In the event of storms, please contact Pamela Schroeder at 763-550-7212 to hear a message about any cancellations or changes. Our first priority is safety! If you don’t feel able to make it to a tournament in the event of dangerous weather conditions, contact Pamela.