We have many resources available for new and returning Team Managers.

DI Learning Home Page: An interactive online training portal for Team Managers and Officials. These quick training experiences will give you the basic information you need to successfully navigate a DI season. Examples of learning opportunities include getting started as a Team Manager, understanding Interference, and overviews of the Rules of the Road and what happens at Tournaments.

Live Training: Interact with experienced team managers and volunteers who are eager to help you and your teams learn even more about the program, developing first-hand skills in solving Instant and Team Challenges.  These experiences offer the richest, most complete training. Click here for information on our live trainings.

11/10 TM Workshop Session for New TMs PowerPoint

Tool to Guide Teams Through the Process of Solving Their Challenge: Kudos to Colorado DI Alumna Riley Morgenthaler for this terrific resource! Click here

Challenge Videos: These videos offer this season’s Challenge previews. For a look at the videos and DI’s First Look Book, click here.

If you have any questions about a Challenge, please email an MN DI Challenge Master.

Beginner Improv Games for MN DI:
by Team Don’t Pet the Buffalo, Eden Prairie

Check out this excellent primer for improvisation games, especially designed for Rising Stars and new team managers! Created by MN DI’s own Eden Prairie Secondary Level team, Don’t Pet the Buffalo, this is a great tool for developing creative muscles, both brain and physical! Have fun practicing and learning critical thinking skills and being comfortable with physical movement during creativity! See this link to download the book!

Take a look at a Challenge solution: Click here

How to Build a Structure Tester:  Click here

Structural Engineering – Weight Bearing StructuresClick here

Science and Engineering – all kinds of information and activities: Visit Science Buddies. Spend some time on this site and see all it has to offer!

Science Buddies

Advice for New Team Managers:
Lots of guides from experienced TMs and Challenge Masters for you here! This list will be updated as our live trainings progress through the season.

Advice from One TM to Another – Click here

Team Forms:
Snack Sign up Form – Click here
Generic DI Team Practice Permission Slip – Click here

Instant Challenge: What is an Instant Challenge? Click here

For great ways to work on IC skills with your teams, click here.

Boost Your Performance Skills with Help from Drama Notebook:
November 11, 2015
Written by Janea Dahl

In 2015, Janea Dahl, the creator of Drama Notebook, worked with Destination Imagination teams and Affiliate Directors at Global Finals  to create a customized set of easy-to-use lessons designed to help DI teams effectively improve their performance skills in a short period of time.

Every DI Team Challenge has a performance aspect, and these materials will address specific areas including:

  • Vocal projection
  • Facing the audience
  • Stage presence
  • Storytelling
  • Improvisation

Click here to enjoy the Drama Notebook resources for DI. The materials on Drama Notebook are ready-to-implement, highly creative, and fit beautifully into the DI model. To learn more about their products and subscriptions*,  visit

*Subscription rates are per team. Materials are subject to copyright.

Destination Imagination YouTube Channel featured videos:  Click here

More Team Manager resources available here: Destination Imagination Resource Page

Free Destination Imagination Resources: Click here