by Don’t Pet the Buffalo, Eden Prairie

Check out this excellent primer for improvisation games, especially designed for Rising Stars and new team managers! Created by MN DI’s own Eden Prairie Secondary Level team, Don’t Pet the Buffalo, this is a great tool for developing creative muscles, both brain and physically! Have fun practicing and learning critical thinking skills and being comfortable with physical movement during creativity! See this link to download the book!

Boost Your Performance Skills with Help from Drama Notebook


November 11, 2015
Written by Janea Dahl

Destination Imagination is pleased to announce a partnership with Drama Notebook, the world’s leading resource for drama training materials. In 2015, Janea Dahl, the creator of Drama Notebook, worked with Destination Imagination (DI) teams and Affiliate Directors at Global Finals 2015 to create a customized set of easy-to-use lessons designed to help DI teams effectively improve their performance skills in a short period of time.

Every DI Team Challenge has a performance aspect, and these materials will address specific areas including:

  • Vocal projection
  • Facing the audience
  • Stage presence
  • Storytelling
  • Improvisation

You could spend hundreds of dollars on drama trainers or send your team to drama workshops. You could purchase books and try to figure it out yourself. But the materials on Drama Notebook are ready-to-implement, highly creative, and fit beautifully into the DI model.

Destination Imagination headquarters has made arrangements with Drama Notebook that allow Team Managers access to the virtual drama workshop, including a set of custom materials and 50 drama games on video, at a reduced subscription rate of *$39.95 until December 1 by using the following discount code: destination. After December 1, Team Managers can purchase a subscription for *$49.95.

To learn more, visit

*Subscription rates are per team. Materials are subject to copyright. Multiple sharing of passwords or unauthorized distribution of printed or electronic materials is strictly prohibited.