DI is global! DI teams have the opportunity to participate in international tournaments. This year’s official International Invitational tournament is in Wroclaw, Poland. Participating in the Wroclaw tournament will provide teams a fantastic cultural education, as well as emphasize the global aspect of our program and the world our DI’ers will be living and working in.  Please contact Pamela with questions.  Details about the International Invitational tournament appear below!


Get ready for an international experience of a lifetime! Registration for the 2017 International Invitational, hosted by Destination Imagination Poland, is open!

The International Invitational will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, March 16-19 and is an opportunity for students to showcase their creative and critical thinking skills while immersing themselves in a new cultural experience.

International teams will compete in a two-day Extreme Challenge, which will combine DI and Polish elements. Teams will receive a copy of the Extreme Challenge on-site on Friday, March 17, and will have approximately 24-hours to brainstorm, construct their solutions and prepare for their performances. Teams will then present their solutions to Appraisers on Saturday, March 18.

In addition to the Extreme Challenge, international teams will be paired with a Polish team for the event and will participate with them in a Buddy Team Challenge.

Please note: Teams from states or countries that have an official Destination Imagination tournament will not be able to present their solutions to the Team Challenges at the Poland International Invitational. They will only be able to participate in the Extreme Challenge event. For example, if your team is registered in Minnesota, your Affiliate has its own Affiliate Tournament, so you will not be able to showcase your solution to the Team Challenge at the Poland tournament.

Poland Student
DI Poland
Poland Map


  • The name “Poland” originates from the tribe “Polanie,” which means “people living in open fields”
  • Poland is ninth largest country in Europe
  • Poland is world’s biggest amber exporter
  • Polish astronomer, Mikołaj Kopernik, was the first person to propose that the Earth was not the center of the universe
  • The most popular name for a dog in Poland is “Burek”


Poland lies in the middle of the European continent. Europe’s geometric center is near Warsaw.

Capital: Warsaw
Population: 38.5 million


Wroclaw is the European Capital of Culture 2016 and is the most desired meeting place for people of culture, science and business as well as students and tourists.


  • The fourth largest city in Poland
  • 12 islands connected with 117 bridges
  • Population: 635,000
DI Poland
DI Poland


Click here to download the International Invitational registration form. After filling out the form, email it to: karolina.rowgalo@dipolska.pl. Once DI Poland registers your team, you will receive a Registration Number and a link to complete your purchase. Deadline to register is January 8, 2017.

Teams interested in attending the International Invitational can select from one of three Registration Packages (listed below). Registration packages include tournament fees, housing, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), city tours (Package 1 and 2 only) and transportation: airport transfers, transportation between the hotel and event, and transportation during any city tour(s) for your selected registration package.

Package 1: Tuesday—Monday

(March 14-20), $740 per person
Registration includes:

  • Housing for 6 nights
  • Meals (dinner on Tuesday arrival, full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Wednesday through Sunday, and breakfast on Monday departure
  • Two (2) City Tours

Package 2: Wednesday—Monday

(March 15-20), $650 per person

  • Housing for 5 nights
  • Meals (dinner on Wednesday arrival, full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Thursday through Sunday, and breakfast on Monday departure
  • One (1) City Tours

Package 3: Thursday—Monday

(March 16-20), $550 per person

  • Housing for 4 nights
  • Meals (dinner on Thursday arrival, full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Friday through Sunday, and breakfast on Monday departure

 *City Tours are not included in Package 3.


Wroclaw is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Teams taking part in this event are also encouraged to explore the history and culture of the city. Teams that select the Package 1 or Package 2 registration option will have the opportunity to select from the following City Tour options:

Option 1: The History of the City and Culture Day

  • The Market Square with the Dwarves City Tour*
  • Cooking workshops – dumplings
  • Polish folk culture shopping

*Small, artistic dwarf figurines began appearing in the streets of Wroclaw in 2001. Since then, the number of statutes has continued to grow. With more than 300 dwarf statutes spread all over the city, they have become a popular tourist attraction.

Option 2: The Creative Day

  • Hydropolis—the Hydropolis is located in a historic, 19thcentury underground clean water tank and offers approximately 60 interactive exhibitions showing the role of water in the universe.
  • Workshop at Gardens of Experiences’ ‘Humanitarium’—an amusement park offering interactive exhibitions showing the use of technology and science in life involving all senses.
  • Workshops at Wroclaw Technology Park

Option 3: The Entertainment Day

  • The Wroclaw Zoo
  • Jumping Hall
  • Sky Tower City View—the tallest building in Poland with accessible viewpoint on the 49th floor.


If you have any questions, please contact Kris Beisel at kbeisel@dihq.org. International teams may also contact Karolina Rowgalo, the DI Poland International Teams Coordinator, at karolina.rowgalo@dipolska.pl.