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2015-2016 Training & Workshop Information

Details for 2016-17 Trainings & Workshops Coming Soon!


Metro Trainings and Workshops

Nov 14, Team Manager Workshop, 9-3 or 1/2 day options: 9-12 or 12-3, $30 day or $15 half day
We welcome ALL TMs to the whole TM Training day. The AM session is focused for new team managers, and will include brief sessions on Instant Challenge (IC) and Improv. We will cover all aspects of team managing. There will be a panel discussion about the Challenges at lunch, beginning at 11.  The PM sessions include the Brave New Workshop’s co-owner Jenni Lilledahl who will lead an interactive session on Improv and how it figures in every challenge and in practicing IC, and an interactive IC session led by MN DI officials. Don’t miss the afternoon sessions, returning TMs!

Dec 12, Jan 9 and Jan 23, Instant Challenge Workshops for teams, $55/team
These half-day workshops for Teams and Team Managers will give you BOTH the opportunity to practice several instant challenges.  Demystify Instant Challenge!  Your team will engage in a round robin intensive IC session for a morning or afternoon.  Observe different creative strategies and techniques for solving all different types of ICs, and boost your confidence in this hands-on, FUN workshop!  Led by experienced Team Managers, Challenge Masters, IC Appraisers, and long-time DI’ers, your team will leave feeling on top of IC!

Dec 12, 9-12, South Education Center, Richfield
Jan 9, 1-4, Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, Champlin Park  THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!
Jan 23, 9-12, Johnsville Elementary School, Blaine (priority for North Metro region teams) THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!

Dec 12, Jan 9 Structure Workshop for teams, $30/team
Structure Teams!  Check out this great training JUST FOR YOU. We will cover all the basics, including how to test a structure, what to expect at weigh-in, how scoring a structure works, understanding materials, and a little bit of everything that will be especially helpful to newer teams to the challenge.  You can make a day of it, and check out an IC workshop, too!

Dec 12, 1-4, South Education Center, Richfield
Jan 9, 9-12, Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, Champlin

Dec 12, Jan 9, Intro to Technical Skills Workshop for teams, $30/team 
We will introduce teams to tools and safety, and teach skills in woodworking, basic electronics, and simple machines. Learn how to join uncommon materials, wire a circuit, or make a simple machine to for your Challenge solution. Get a jump on your creative journey with mad new skills! You can make a day of it, and check out an IC workshop, too! Max of six teams per session, EL, ML and SL teams only.

Dec 12, 1-4, South Education Center, Richfield  THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!
Jan 9, 9-12, Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, Champlin  THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!

Jan 9, 16 and 23, Brave New Workshop Student Union Improvisation Boot Camps! $150/team
Our pals at the Brave New Workshop Student Union are offering THREE of their famous Improvisation Boot Camps for anyDIers, ages 9-17!  Use this link to register directly with BNW. Max of 25 team members per session.

Jan 9, 9-12, Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, Champlin
Jan 16, 9-12, Brave New Workshop ETC Space, Minneapolis
Jan 23, 9-12, Johnsville Elementary School, Blaine  

Feb 6, Meet the Challenge Masters, 9-11 at ISD 287, Free
Meet face to face with our MN DI Affiliate Challenge Masters, who will answer your questions about the season’s upcoming Tournaments, and describe tournament day procedures for each Challenge.  This is like having a secret weapon!  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Open to all Team Managers and Secondary Level Teams.

Feb 6, Appraiser Training, 11-3 at ISD 287, Free
See the interactive registration form to sign up to be an MN DI Appraiser!  -Get Involved – Volunteer

Regional Trainings and Workshops


Nov 12, Team Manager Workshop, 9-3:30, Anoka-Hennepin Staff Development Center,$20 (free to Anoka-Hennepin TMs ONLY)
New Team Managers 9-3:30, Experienced Team Managers, Instant Challenge, Improv and Team Choice Elements 1-:3:30


Dec 10, Team Manager/Instant Challenge Workshop, 7-9 PM,  Harding High School Library, St Paul, $20


Dec 5, Team Manager Training, 9-12, Horizon Middle School Media Center, in concert with North Dakota Affiliate
Jan 8, Instant Challenge Workshops, 10-12, Moorhead High School, $15

PROCTOR/DULUTH See descriptions of the Proctor trainings and workshops here, and see individual links below.

Nov 18, Team Manager Workshop, 5:30-8:30 PM, Proctor High School Media Center, Pizza dinner provided ($5)
Jan 16, Theatre and Creative Skills Workshop, 9-11:30 AM, Proctor High School, Free, registration required EL ONLY
Jan 16,  Improv Pizza Jam, 10:30-1, Proctor High School, $20/team or $5/person, registration required ML and SL ONLY
Jan 30, Structure Workshop, 9-10:30Proctor High School, $5/person, registration required CANCELLED
Jan 30,  Instant Challenge Workshop, 10:30-1Proctor High School, $20/team or $5/person, registration required
Feb 27,  Appraiser Training,  9-12, Proctor High School Media Center, Lunch provided.